Dog owners bite back over Control Orders

Dog owners and concerned residents are demonstrating in Windermere over new Council rules against all dog owners

Residents are holding a public demonstration against South Lakeland District Council and the new Dog Control Orders on Saturday morning. The new Dog Control Orders affect every household with a dog and restrict where you can take your pet, as well as whether the pooch is allowed off a lead. 
The Lib Dem run Council wanted to take “tough action” against dog fouling, but it is being argued that all they are doing is restricting law abiding responsible dog owners. 
Local resident Sarah Clayton is helping organise the event and commented saying; “The Council are doing this all wrong. They are alienating all dog owners instead of going after the few that flout the rules. We fully understand the problem but we think they should look harder for a solution.” 
Local opposition Councillor Ben Berry said he welcomed the demonstration and said; “The Dog Control Orders are simply expensive posturing that unfortunately cost the liberty of every household with a dog. I put forward fully costed counter proposals that would have seen only the irresponsible targeted and left everyone else well alone. I’ve come to the conclusion that the Council is barking up the wrong tree.”

The demonstration takes place on Queens park, Windermere on Saturday 31st August at 9.30am.

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