A key battle for fair car parking charges has been won today, but the war continues

Local businesses, campaigners and Councillors are celebrating today at night time car parking charges being scrapped – but warn that the war for fair car parking charges continue as SLDC looks to raise even more revenue by targeting car parks in Windermere and Ambleside.

South Lakeland District Council’s cabinet finally scrapped night time car parking charges after continued calls for them to go. They were heavily opposed by business groups, charity and community groups, residents and opposition Councillors when they were brought in less than a year ago. In the end Tim Farron asked his Team to revisit the issue after he too succumbed the heat of public anger.

But opposition Councillor, Conservative Ben Berry, warned that the war for fair car parking charges continues:

“We fought hard for these unfair charges to be scrapped and I’m overjoyed that the Council has listened to us. But I’m bitterly disappointed that they have now gone out and asked for even more charges on car parks in Windermere and Ambleside, ignoring that these car parks already cost 25% more than those in the rest of the District.”


-the changes are planned to come into force on 1st April 2013
-day time charges will be extended for another 2 hours until 8pm in Windermere and Ambleside SLDC car parks.

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