A scandalous waste of money “South Lakeland News”

Do you think South Lakeland District Council should spend £28,000 on something that few read and most bin?

Those that do read it laugh out loud at what’s inside even despite its serious tone. Claiming that SLDC is doing a great job with car parking? Get over…

Before my house had even received its copy I had already got a telephone complaint from a resident about a picture used and when I did get my copy SLDC had put an old phone number on the back.

There is even a section about how wonderful they are with public toilets, which is outright insulting to those communities that have been forced to take many toilets on after SLDC abandoned or bulldozed them. Ironically the £28,000 wasted on this self glorifying rag could pay for a whole seven toilets to be open 24/7, something I’m sure you agree would be far more useful to the people who live, work and visit here.

People tell me that they thought it was simply another piece of Lib Dem propaganda and its understandable why when you read the thing. Its got more pictures of a very smug Peter Thornton than anyone should even need.

Lets put South Lakeland News in the recycling bin forever.

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