A stone from the shore of Windermere has been placed at a special cairn on the Scottish Border

The stone from Windermere joins thousands others from around the globe as a symbol of the Union


A stone from the shores of Lake Windermere has joined thousands of other stones from across the UK and the globe to construct a Cairn on the Scottish Border. The stone cairn on the English-Scottish border has been built by individuals and families as a testament to the union.


The Cairn, called “The Auld Acquaintance”, was added to by local man Ben Berry who picked the stone and took it from Windermere to the site near Gretna Green. He commented saying:

“We are better together. Our Cumbrian economy trades massively with Scotland particularly with Scottish people visiting the Lake District. It would be a very sad day if the Union fell apart. This rock and cairn is a symbol that we want the family to stay together.”


The “Hands Across the Border” campaign which runs the Cairn has been spearheaded by Penrith MP Rory Stewart.

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