Aeroplanes or Airplanes? I ask @sfmberry about the world of aviation

Ben is travelling to the USA with his father, Simon Berry (@sfmberry) today. In the airport Ben gives him a quick interview.


So is it airplane or aeroplane?


What’s your view of the industry today?

Well when I flew to Los Angeles in 1984 it took 11 hours and this time it will take 11 hours. So it hasn’t moved on that far in that respect. Although I’m sure this plane will be more efficient.
The infrastructure is certainly better since then though, privatisation by Conservatives in the eighties made a massive difference.

Where do you think it will go as an industry?

I think there will be more consolidation which will reduce consumer choice.
Eventually a new fuel source not based on oil will need to be found.

What does aviation mean to Cumbria?

Less than it should. If there were better international connections from Manchester it would make a massive difference.

What’s your most memorable experience with regards to planes?

Being allowed to go up to the cockpit of a French Flag plane over the pacific flying to Australia in 1984 which I’m sure I wouldn’t be allowed to do now! Coincidentally the French pilot and I discussed Margaret Thatcher. He told me she was good for Britain, bad for France and I had to agree.

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