Am I an accident at birth? Leader of Tim’s team says I am…

The Liberal Democrat group Leader of Cumbria County Council yesterday claimed, live on radio, that Ben was “an accident of birth”. In what was described as a “fiery exchange” by a local reporter, Ben was also told to “get a life”, twice.


The interview was raised on BBC Radio Cumbria after Ben highlighted the £100,000 South Lakeland District Council may have now been lost in what he described as a “casino style gamble” with K Village in Kendal. Lib Dem Councillor Ian Stewart was brought on the show to defend SLDC, but ended up with a string of negative comments on social networking about his performance.

“Wow, what a very rude man that Councillor Stewart is, personal attacks are not needed.”

“Anyone who stoops to personal abuse should not be an elected politician.”

“came across as very, very unprofessional.”

“He was a ranting spluttering dope!”


Ben went on to highlight that even after potentially losing this £100,000 “tax payer backed gamble” the only jobs that were on the line were there “hard working kendalians” who worked at K Village, not a single Councillor would lose their job. This was something that was described “a load of nonsense” by Cllr Stewart.


Commenting Ben said “It is worrying that we have elected officials who stoop this low, especially live on the radio. There is no regret for this waste of £100,000 from Tim’s Team and the Councillors who made the decision can go to bed knowing their allowances will continue to pour in, while the people working at K Village go to bed wondering if they will have a job tomorrow.”


The full interview can be heard her for 7 days after the original broadcasting date (skip to 38.30):


NOTE: Ben is not a Director, or share holder of English Lakes Hotels as inferred in the interview. He is a median paid part time employee for the family owned group.


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  1. Ben this man made a fool of himself and I was astounded to hear his comments. You on the other hand were exemplary in your conduct. I couldn’t believe this man called you an “accident of birth”


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