Appeal for Pram Race memories and memorabilia


Organisers of the Windermere Charity Pram Race are appealing for memories, trophies and photos of the event which stopped running in 2000 but returns this New Years Day
pram race appeal 1

An appeal has been made for people to submit their memories and check their lofts for old trophies and photographs for the Lions New Year Pram race which had stopped in 2000 but has been revived this year.


Of particular interest is trophies from the event which could be used again for added nostalgia.


Event organiser and Lion, Councillor Ben Berry, made the appeal saying “This is part of our local history. I know some will remember every year but for me to read the programme from 1989, when I wasn’t even 1 year old, is fantastic. Sharing things like that and all the photos we’ve collected is a wonderful way to look back at what was and what can be when the event returns this New Years Day.”


Written accounts, photos, programmes,trophies and even prams are being requested. Everything gathered will be documented online and Ben Berry hopes that if significant amounts of pieces are donated a small exhibition could be put on in Local History week next year.

Entries for this years event are open at

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