Ben Berry in row over Train Services to Manchester

Excellent coverage of the row in the North West Evening Mail

As widely reported, South Lakeland District Council(SLDC) were set to support a motion, signed by Ben Berry, to support efforts to keep through trains from South Lakes to Manchester.

But the motion led to a row after Peter Thornton, Lib Dem Leader of SLDC proposed an amendment, demanding that the motion specifically mention the local Lib Dem and Labour MP’s, Tim Farrom and John Woodcock, but not Lakes Lines Group or any other of the fourteen groups involved in the campaign.

Commenting Ben Berry said: “The Campaign wasnt started by Tim Farron or John Woodcock  – it was started by the Lakes Line User Group. Its their work we should be supporting and acknowledging.

Its disgusting that the leadership of this Council is trying to make it Political rather than simply adding thier support for the benefit of the residents in the area.

It makes a mockery of the whole process.”

The motion was dropped.

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