Ben slams no show Lib Dems

Nick Cleggs Lib Dems say they work for you all year round. Ben Berry says that simply isn’t true:

“Why is it that the Windermere Lib Dem County Councillor has an attendance of 43% since elected last year, but I have an attendance of 96% over the last four years? I guess some people care more about our community than others!”
Ben says there is “a chronic problem of Lib Dem no shows” and eagle eyed residents will have seen it crop up in the gazette now and again:
lib dem no show
Just in the last few weeks Ben made a complaint to the Council regarding Tim’s Team not attending a very important Audit Committee meeting. Here is his letter to the Westmorland Gazette:

This newspaper has previously highlighted low attendance (Five Lib Dems who missed Kendal supermarket vote give reasons for no show- October 2014) as well as praised high attendance (35 years on parish council and never missed a meeting – April 2015) of our local Councillors.

I am writing because the problem of some Councillors not taking their attendance and input seriously persists. The Audit committee meeting on 23rd April 2015 had less than half those scheduled to be there, despite its very serious agenda discussing bribery, fraud and corruption. The meeting was on the limit of being quorate with only three elected members supported by seven Council officers!

If you are not bothered about standing up for your residents or putting anti bribery policy in place to protect taxpayers then don’t bother standing for election.

 Ben Berry -Tory Councillor for Windermere, Applethwaite and Troutbeck

We deserve someone who not only turns up but stands up for our community. 

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