Blue bag and blue box recycling guide for South Lakeland

Hey Folks!

I get confused about what goes in which box and what goes in the bag since the recent change. It took me a good while to double check on the SLDC website so I thought I’d put a quick guide here on my website so I at least have it and hopefully it’ll help a few other people too!

Box 1 for Paper and Card

This can include:

junk mail
leaflets (especially yellow ones)
greetings cards
white office paper
soft back catalogues
telephone directories
wrapping paper
flattened card and other food boxes
flattened cardboard packaging and corrugated cardboard

DOES NOT ACCEPT drink cartons, coffee cups, paper towels or tissues. So you can’t recycle Tropicana cardboard cartons like this:

Box 2 for Glass Bottles and Jars

I’ve always assumed this includes the metal lids and I don’t have anything to say otherwise!

Blue Bag for Plastic and Cans

This can include:

plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays
milk and drink bottles
shampoo and toiletry bottles
detergent bottles
yoghurt pots
margarine tubs
food trays
fruit punnets
steel and aluminium cans
food tins
clean aluminium foil
jar and bottle tops

Make sure the cans and bottles are emptied and washed. If you’re mad enough to want to get rid of any plastic bags they can’t be recycled this way.


I hope that helps! Enjoy your recycling 🙂

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