BT accused of vital Phone Box removal   

Troutbeck BT box with Ben Berry

BT are consulting on removing a “vital” phone box in Troutbeck near Windermere with what the local Councillor has labeled a shock move.

All phone boxes are owned and operated by BT who have to provide them under their Universal Service Obligation regardless of income. BT have sought to reduce the number of phone boxes because of falling revenue and have posted a notice inside the Troutbeck phone box stating their intention to remove the box.

Troutbeck BT box notice

The Troutbeck phone box serves an area with little to no mobile signal which is especially important for the significant number of tourists the village receives.

Local Councillor Ben Berry said the notice had shocked him “The regulator Ofcom are very clear that Phone Boxes are especially important where mobile phones don’t work. To remove this box would be incredibly detrimental to the visitors of our village who rely on it. Residents and I will be working very hard to push back against what would be a retrograde step for our village.”

Sustaining rural economies with services such as phone boxes is a priority of local Conservatives.



To respond to BT/the consultation please email

I would like to thank Logan Thom for bringing this issue to my attention.

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  1. If it is removed. Can we put an old fashioned iconic red one in its place? Depressing that the modern versions must have cost BT millions only for them to become redundant a few years later. We do need phone boxes in rural locations where phone signals aren’t great and in rural locations we all want to see the old ones back in rural England. Make it so BT… Go on you can afford it!


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