Cameron hints at no more Fuel Duty Rises in this Parliament

As many who follow me will know I’ve done alot of campaigning on the fuel duty front.

Do we now claim victory?

Today’s Telegraph piece reported that David Cameron has indicated that he doesn’t want to see any further increases in Fuel Duty unless petrol significantly goes down in price. This is great news and a massive change in direction over the previous Government.

Here is some reaction from others from FairFuelUK, the lobby group ive been involved with:
Quentin Willson, FairFuelUK campaigner, said: ‘Such a clear statement from the Prime Minister on the seriousness of Fuel Duty to the UK economy shows that our campaign has reached inside Number 10. The prospect of no further fuel duty rises until 2015 would be a very solid victory for our public protest. It looks like our campaign is working and we will be pressing for confirmation of the Government’s position’.

Peter Carroll, FairFuelUK’s founder, says: ‘The Government has done much to control rising fuel prices, but there’s still much more to be done. Cancelling Labour’s string of fuel duty ‘time bombs’ has been great progress – but it isn’t enough. Fuel Duty is a toxic tax that is damaging the whole UK economy. Every haulier, business, motorist and consumer is adversely affected by the current high prices at the pumps. The evidence we have presented to the Treasury is clear that to create jobs, stimulate growth and reduce the pressures on inflation we need to actually cut duty substantially. We have one of the most expensive fuel duty regimes in Europe and that has to change now.’

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