Community wind farm payments are “blatant bribery” -Killington Windfarm demo


A protest took place this afternoon at Killington Village Hall near to the beauty spot where Banks Renewables are planning three 132m wind turbines.

The peaceful demonstration was attended by many locals as well as campaigners from other areas concerned about the massive development. The protest coincided with a public engagement event held by Banks Renewables in the hall.

Kevin Lancaster, the County Councillor from nearby Sedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale hit out with some hard criticism of the plans:
“The community payments Banks are offering to get support are blatant bribery. And its absolutely disgusting that these community payments are reliant on the application getting approved first time round and not going to appeal. It’s tantamount to intimidation of SLDC members and threatening to Parish councils who are short of money and don’t want to be left behind.
Banks have already had to reduce the amount of wind turbines on this site because of microwave interference and that’s just one reason there should be none!
But it is the crass stupidity of Peter Thornton pushing through the Cumbria wind strategy with the local development plan that’s allowing this to happen.
Wind farms are the biggest threat to our natural beauty and its soley down to Peter Thornton and his Lib Dem colleagues. This application would never have been made if they had listen to Conservative counter proposals. And so it’s absolutely ridiculous for Tim Farron to claim he is against it when it’s his Lib Dems that welcome them.
Banks originally wanted five turbines on this site and they’ve reduced that to three, I’d like to see that three reduced to zero.”

Attending Ben Berry said “I’m working with residents because I dont think this application is worth the cost to the local community. Not only that but Banks own data shows all three turbines will be visible from Windermere common, ie the majority of my ward, thirty kilometres away.”

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