“Corbyn a catastrophe for Cumbria” 

Newly elected Labour leader labelled a “catastrophe” for Cumbria due to no nuclear stance 

Jeremy Corbyn was crowned leader of Labour on Saturday in a move labelled as a catastrophe for Cumbria by local Conservatives. They have claimed that the hard left candidate’s no nuclear stance will affect the economic security of Cumbria.

Leader of the Conservatives on Cumbria County Council, James Airey, is concerned about the effect on the West Coast of Cumbria. He commented saying:

“We need to take the man very seriously and the threat to our national and economic security he poses is very real. Much of the Cumbrian economy relies on our strong nuclear industry and Jeremy Corbyn puts that under threat. Not only does it put the Sellafield site in jeopardy but also the proposed new Moorside site.

Jeremy Corbyn’s suggestion of reopening coal pits is barmy and will not make up for the loss of our much loved nuclear industry.”

Jeremy Corbyn has taken a hard-line against Trident, the UK’s independent nuclear deterrent, which is serviced by submarines constructed in Barrow. Conservative Ben Berry says these well paying skilled jobs are now under threat:

“Barrow is a fantastic town which I owe many years of happiness growing up. But without the investment and jobs the shipyard brings Barrow will really struggle.

Jeremy Corbyn has a real chance of getting elected in 2020 and even until then will skew the political debate including around our nuclear deterrent. With South Lakes MP and Leader of the Lib Dems Tim Farron against Trident and the Labour party leadership against Trident, Barrow has never been so close to losing the shipyard.”

Cumbria Conservatives are writing an open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron asking for him to underline his support for the local nuclear industry.

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