Council double down on Windermere ferry ticket machines


Cumbria County Council are purchasing another two Windermere ferry ticket machines at a cost of £10,000. The two new machines are in addition to the existing machines that are causing delays and angst among users.

Residents and tourists have recoiled in shock at the news that instead of taking criticism onboard the Council have doubled down on the ticket machines. The machines have been lambasted for causing delays and being overly complicated.

The revelation came after questioning from local Conservatives of the Lib Dem South Lakes Local County Council Committee where an officer of the Council stated: “Two new machines have been purchased at an additional cost of nearly £10,000. The digital ticketing scheme will continue.”

Windermere Councillor Ben Berry warned that the County Council shouldn’t ignore users of the ferry: “It is utterly ridiculous for the Council to ignore the very people they rely on to run this service. Residents tell me it is now easier and quicker to drive round the Lake given the delays the ticket machines are causing to the ferry. I’m not sure if the Council is simply incompetent or they are maliciously sabotaging this vital service.”

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