Councillor and Police and Crime Commissioner Welcome New Government Drugs Strategy

Ben Berry, a leading Conservative county and district Councillor in Windermere, has welcomed the launch of a renewed drug strategy by the Government – taking action to prevent the harm caused by drug misuse.

Drug misuse can destroy lives and have a devastating effect on families and communities. Determined to take the necessary steps to help tackle this problem, the Government’s renewed strategy aims to help vulnerable individuals through treatment, and support law enforcement in tackling the illicit trade.

Conservative Councillor Berry said: “Drugs have a devastating effect on individuals and on communities. It’s often perceived as an urban problem, but look beyond the beautiful backdrop and you will find a significant issue here in our rural communities, too. Our Councils must act and work with the police, NHS and other agencies to crack down on the trade of drugs and help those in need.”

“In the meantime, this refreshed Government strategy will certainly help to better bring together police, health, community, and global partners to clamp down on the illicit drug trade, safeguard the most vulnerable, and help those affected to turn their lives around for good.”

Today’s launch includes the introduction of a national recovery champion, appointed to work alongside different communities and providers to determine what works, and what more can be done to support those in need, and we will improve our reporting practises on the frequency and type of drug use and recovery, so we can work to better personalise support for those most in need.

Peter McCall, Cumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner said: “I very strongly welcome any initiative to bear down on drugs supply and use here in Cumbria and the refreshed government strategy sets out, rightly, the need to reduce demand, restrict supply and help those affected to recover from the devastating effects of drug abuse. The key to this is multi agency working and the police are doing their part as we launch a series of operations to bear down on dealers who prey on the vulnerable and in particular young people.”

“The public can help in this as information is critical and I would ask anyone with information about drug use and dealing to contact the police through 101 email or phone. Together we must send those who seek to profit from drugs the message that there is no place for them in Cumbria.

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