Councillors should hang their heads in shame, another £50k down the drain

Council set to write-off another £50k bad loan”Councillors should hang their heads in shame” – South Lakeland District Council is expected to write off another bad debt tomorrow

A full Council meeting will hear a proposal from the Lib Dem administration to write-off a £50k loan that was made to Troutbeck Bridge Swimming Pool. The loan had been made in 2010 as part of a spending spree of tax payer money that totalled over £190,000 before the pool went bust and now lays derelict.

Leader of the Conservative’s on SLDC David Williams spoke in anger about the fiasco “We told the Lib Dems this was a waste of tax payer money and they simply wouldn’t listen. They were more interested in what they could put on their leaflets and calling us “nasty tories” than spending tax payer money in any efficient way.”
In a little over two years SLDC gave £104,000 in direct grant, £39,000 in an additional grant given to SLDC from central Government, on top of the £50,000 loan that has never been paid back. The loan was made despite the financial situation of the pool and the former trust that ran it going bust only months prior.
Residents have expressed their worry about the derelict site to local Councillor Ben Berry who said “It breaks my heart to see public sector waste leading on to such poor outcomes, the Council just didn’t do their homework. Councillors that made the decision to give this money should hang their heads in shame.”

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