Cumbria learns about the Government’s “Green Deal”

Have you heard about the “Green Deal”? Nope? It’s not suprising. A poll by Yougov showed that four out of five people had no idea what it was in the days running up to its launch.


Now it’s launched is anything different?


Well at least hard working campaigners in Cumbria have given it a good shot at getting the information out with a free event at the University of Cumbria last Friday (25th January).


Learning about the Green Deal in Cumbria

Learning about the Green Deal in Cumbria


The event was hosted by Cumbria Green Business Forum, an exciting group of people pushing for businesses to see the benefits of taking a long term “green” view. Opening the event was Tim Farron MP, who took great pleasure in detailing the struggles of getting the legislation through.


We also heard from a myriad of speakers, along with several breakaway sessions with specialists in various green sectors.


Basically the Green Deal works like this; you organise a check up of your house by someone certified by the scheme, they find your biggest problems and tell you how you can fix them, then you take upto £10,000 loaned from the Government to do the work. The loans will only be approved if the savings from the work will be higher than the repayments. The loan is attached to your house, not to you, so it will stay with the property if you sell up.


If it sounds of interest to you check out here:


Well attended event about the Green Deal in Ambleside

Well attended event about the Green Deal in Ambleside

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