Cumbrian’s are being urged to back the EU Referendum Bill

Local referendum campaigners are asking people to put pressure on their MP’s to back the Bill


On Friday 5th July 2013, there will be a very important vote in Parliament on an EU referendum.

Conservative James Wharton MP will present a Private Member’s Bill which aims to write into law that an EU referendum must be held by the end of 2017.

If passed, this legislation has the potential to shift a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU out of the vague realm of political promises and into law.

It will commit whichever party wins the 2015 election to hold an EU vote, or force them to take the politically very difficult step of repealing this referendum law.

Local Campaigner Ben Berry, who sits as a Conservative on South Lakeland District Council, is urging people to get in touch with their MP over the issue. He commented saying:

“We deserve a say on our membership of the EU and I want it written in law that we get a say, rather than more promises. I urge you to write to your MP asking them how they intend to vote, or if you know they are going to support the Bill, write to them to say thank you.”

One of the easiest ways to contact your Member of Parliament is via

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