Debilitating snow has brought out the best in us

It’s no doubt that snow can be a major pain in the bum, especially if you slip on it. But even with all the problems caused by this weeks snow, I saw our communities come out fighting together.

Even in the last six months I’ve been to public meetings where whole villages (literally the whole village!) got together to discuss how the situation with snow and ice could be changed and what they as a community could do to realise that change. And this week, as the snow stopped so many from getting round, I saw men and women shovelling each others drive ways and roads, pushing each others cars and helping get each other around.

Many are understandably unhappy with the lack of snow ploughing and gritting, but I am so proud to live in this area where we are so human to each other in times of need. So if you were helped, or helped a friend, a family member or a stranger in need, give yourself a medal, because I’m proud of you too.


Note: I’ve got some great common sense proposals for the County Council to make snow control local, cheaper and more effective. I published them in 2011 and I’m pushing for them to be part of the official Conservative manifesto for Cumbria County Council May elections 2013.

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