“Developers Charter” blasted by Tory chief

Leader of SLDC Conservative group says he stands by residents after Lib Dem’s pass a controversial Development Planning Document

The Land Allocation Plan was labelled a “Developers Charter” because of the close work the Lib Dem administration of SLDC has done with developers, allocating greenfield sites before brown field sites and with no priority system. This means developers can cherry pick the most profitable sites, regardless of effects on communities.

Councillor David Williams, who leads the Conservatives on South Lakeland District Council, said he has consistently called for a Land Allocation plan but this “is the wrong one for our communities”.

He went on to say: “Whilst I appreciate that the Inspector found the plan sound we have grave reservations as to certain aspects. We are unable to accurately predict the exact number of houses needed over the next 25 years but we believe that the amount put forward by the Lib Dems is excess to requirements and runs roughshod over communities instead of looking at local need.”

Particular concern has been raised with regards to infrastructure, such as roads and schools. With the Inspector specifically noting that “this has not been as rigorously thought through as it might have been.”

One critic labeled Tim’s Team’s vision of 1000 new jobs as part of the plan as a “last minute afterthought on employment, written as a headline grabber and completely unsubstantiated.”

Raising concern of infrastructure needs was Tom Harvey, Chairman of Grange Town Council, who said “Grange is set to see an increase in the number of houses by nearly 30% yet apparently the infrastructure can cope. To anyone living here, that is clearly bonkers and will have a catastrophic impact on the appeal of our Town to visitors and residents alike. We need a plan and we need growth but this one fails to address too many fundamental issues and I will be calling on our MP to support Grange and back our plea to throw this deeply flawed plan out”

The number of new homes is “5277 excluding sites on which consent is already granted and windfall sites amounting in all to 7246”

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