Door step recycling in Windermere postponed  

Windermere Councillor Ben Berry has decried the move to postpone doorstep collections of plastic and cardboard  

Door step collection of plastic and cardboard has been postponed in Windermere after originally being promised for March 2016. South Lakeland District Council had originally hoped to roll out the service to Windermere, Central Lakes, Staveley and possibly Grange over Sands by the end of next month. Residents will have to continue to take recycling to drop sites for up to additional year having already waited since 2012.

The Authority has come under particular criticism for not telling residents or Councillors how the updated timetable would affect them.

Windermere Conservative Ben Berry decried the postponement and said he was bitterly disappointed:

“This is a service we have all been very excited about getting ever since Kendal residents starting receiving it in 2012. To postpone the roll out and not tell me or anyone else is infuriating and disappointing.”

The updated timetable for Windermere came to light after Ben enquired after a Full Council meeting on Wednesday 24th February.

Councillor Sue Sanderson defended the postponement saying the timetable that had been published was only a “rough” version and the decision was for “logistical reasons”.


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