Farron accused of “pompous posturing” over flood blame game

A Councillor has said he is “horrified” that Farron is playing politics and blaming the Government for floods

The Leader of Cumbria’s Conservatives, James Airey, says he was horrified to see that Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron’s response to the floods was to blame the Government. Councillor Airey said that playing politics in the aftermath of these horrendous floods is simply “pompous posturing”.

James Airey went on to say: “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Mr Farron blaming the Government at a time like this. We should be working with the Government, with floods Minister Rory Stewert, with the Prime Minister, to rebuild our communities not pointing fingers. It is the height of hypocrisy when it is Farron’s team on the District Council that ran out of sandbags and failed to sweep up the leaves. Not only that but now his Liberal Democrat Council want to close fire stations, fire stations that housed countless teams that saved homes and businesses over this trying period for our County.”

James Airey now has the support of a North West MEP for an application for European flood funding which will be in addition to Government funding already announced by the Prime Minister.

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  1. What a total waste of space Farron is. I read that he had got stuck in flood water in Milnethorpe, despite everyone being told to stay at home and to make only essential journeys! Bet he had a camera on hand for that as well. Why are people so stupid that they can’t see through him? Argh!!!!


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