Farron flips on Tourism VAT just in time for industry meeting

MP Tim Farron made a welcomed u-turn on his stance regarding VAT and tourism. Just a few months ago Farron’s team on SLDC rejected a motion, from Councillor Ben Berry, that called for a targeted VAT cut for tourism and he has consistently rejected calls from the industry to back the cut.

The Lib Dem posed a question to the Exchequer Secretary on June 17th ready for the Lakes Hospitality Annual lunch meeting at the Burnside Hotel in Bowness that same week. Lakes Hospitality chief Jonathan Denby has asked for Mr Farron’s support in this matter several times over recent years but it seems to have only just sunk in.

Local Tory Ben Berry said it was “good news” that Farron had changed his mind, but said he was “left wondering what had changed his mind after all these years.”


Details of Ben’s motion to SLDC can be found here:



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