Ferry Ticket Machine victory – but war not over yet!

Just a quick update on our Ferry Ticket Machine Campaign

Working with community activists we launched a petition with the hope of forcing the County Council Councillors to have a debate and stand up and defend them or, preferably, take action. Our petition read:
We, the undersigned, petition Cumbria County Council to remove the Ferry Ticket machines and reinstate a Pay on Board system that incorporates swiftness, security and card payment.
I pay tribute to Jennifer Slee who on one day got over 600 signatures and it was fantastic to see that on the launch day the petition online here received significant support from around the UK.

Then, yesterday, Cumbria County Council capitulated and have announced they will now take payments onboard the ferry.

But it’s not over and I still need you help. They are insisting on keeping the existing, and installing two new, very expensive ticket machines (which by the way don’t take the new £1 coins!) which means we will continue to have carnage on the shores.

I’ll continue to work to make sure sure the Ferry is the best it can be for the benefit of all.

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  1. The ferry used to be part of the tourist Windermere experience – a beautiful unusual trip with friendly staff. Now it is a stressed nightmare, no chance to enjoy either the wait or the trip. Just trying to manage the machine. A real problem for us older people, with a queue behind us . I now go round .ambleside which is not good at holiday times . What a short sighted decision it was. The ferry should be a local tourist feature and supported as such!


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