Five hundred residents sign petition in 24 hours to keep Windermere Windermere   


Nearly five hundred residents have signed a petition to keep Windermere, Windermere. The petition was raised by local Councillor Ben Berry after the Local Government Boundary Commission made proposals to cut Windermere in half putting large swathes of the Town including the train station, post office and much of the Lake into “Ambleside and Grasmere”.

proposed Windermere boundaries

Commenting Windermere Councillor Ben Berry said:

“To have nearly five hundred residents sign a petition after only a day shows the strength of feeling against these ridiculous proposals. Residents are quite rightly concerned about it after they stop laughing at how silly it is. I’m not sure how one can stand next to the Welcome to Windermere sign but be in Ambleside and Grasmere. It hasn’t been thought through at all.”

Ben’s concerns are echoed by Windermere Town Council who are worried that if the boundary changes go through that they could be used as justification for more changes in the future. In a letter to residents the Clerk to the Town Council, Julie Wright said:

“We believe it makes no common sense and is another example of administrators who have no idea about the shape of our community interfering and making changes for no apparent reason. We shall be putting forward a robust response to the proposals, but call upon the people of Windermere to do the same.”

The petition can be signed here:

Windermere is Windermere

This petition is now closed.

End date: Jul 15, 2016

Signatures collected: 606

606 signatures


Responses to the Local Government Boundary Commissions review must be submitted by the 18th July.

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