Grasmere road literally worse than Africa

Lakes Councillor Ben Berry is claiming a road in Grasmere is worse than many roads in Africa.


Red Bank is on the western shore of Grasmere and has been in a cyclical state of disrepair for years, much to the dismay of local residents.



To highlight the state of the road Ben asked his younger brother, Elliot, who now lives in Africa as a counsellor for orphans, to take a picture of a road in his rural village in Uasin Gishu, Kenya.

Ben said “The steep road suffers from surface water which means potholes develop quickly and deeply, with added surface ice in the winter.

It’s disappointing that nothing has been done to rectify this terrible situation for so long because it’s clearly dangerous.”


Acknowledging road surfaces in Cumbria may be down to funding Elliot said “All the main roads are better that a lot of the Cumbrian roads at home. But the Chinese Government pay for these in Kenya, maybe Cumbria should look for the same!”

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