Historic low for Windermere Lake use

Councillors have heard how boat registration on Windermere is at a historic low after years of steady decline. The report from Windermere’s Lake Wardens and Rangers was heard at South Lakeland District Council’s Lake Administration Committee.

Registrations have decreased from 4399 in 2010 to 3524 in 2016 with swinging moorings also seeing a decrease.

Chairman of Windermere Lake User Forum is Carole Shaw who addressed the meeting saying: “Windermere has seen generations of boat lovers of all types enjoying the lake. Sadly this number appears to be in decline. Windermere Lake User Forum is concerned that the recent publication of the 2016 annual registration and mooring figures shows them to be down once again, bringing us to a new all time low.”

Windermere Councillor Ben Berry commented on the report saying “It is disappointing to see our Local Authorities managing a decline of Lake use when we have the power to do something about it. It is time to look at the facts and react to the situation.”

The Windermere Lake User Forum have noted that the Windermere Strategy of 2011 identified the need for a better understanding and more accurate information about how the lake was being used. Accurate information is only available for statistics on motorised craft registration and swinging moorings but not for other activities like Swimming or Kayaking.

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  1. Let the water skiers back on again, at least they spent money in the shops and restaurants unlike some tourists.

  2. Let the water skiers back on again, at least they spent money in the shops and restaurants unlike some tourists.

  3. Hi Ben I was brought up in Windermere and my mother and siblings still live there. I went to college in South wales and never returned but what I did do when I moved away was learn to sail and join a yacht club and my kids learned to sail too. I was never exposed to it at all the whole time I lived there; it was always for the elite. Children should be exposed to sailing and water sports at school especially in a area like that and be made to realise that it isn’t just for the upper echelons of society; having a sailing dinghy or yacht can be just as achievable as owning a car or a caravan! Get the locals interested and involved!


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