Historic viewpoint restored on Lake Windermere

Millerground is one of the few ‘natural’ public access points on the eastern shore of Lake Windermere 2km north of Bowness.  Windermere & Bowness Civic Society is working with SLDC, The National Trust, local school students and other local groups to refurbish this much loved area.

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The Millerground Restoration project has made a significant advance over the winter.  Last autumn we were delighted to be awarded a ‘Locally Important Project’ grant of £5000 from SLDC.  The grant has been put to good use to dramatically improve the view from the meadow over the Lake to the distant mountains.


Some substantial trees have been removed and several of the large trunks have been saved and had a flat surface cut along them.  They have been embellished with simple carvings and are placed near the lakeshore to act as seating.  Photographic evidence from 1926 shows hardly any trees at all on this bank, so this work makes a start on retrieving an historic viewpoint.


The overgrown hedge at the south end of the recreation field has also been ‘layered’ to improve its potential as a wildlife habitat.


For further information or if you would like to help with the Millerground Working Groups restoring the lakeshore area then please contact…


John Saunders


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