Homes affected by floods may have no Council tax for 12 months

Residents affected by flooding may not have to pay any council tax on their flooded property for up to 12 months, it has been announced.

South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) has today sent out letters to residents affected by the recent flooding explaining about a range of grants and financial assistance available.

The letter explains that residents hit by flooding may not have to pay any council tax, even if they are still living in the property, for example upstairs.

Residents who have had to move out from their property will be treated as being temporarily absent and exempted from council tax, providing the property was their sole or main residence between 3 and 11 December.

Owners of second homes can apply for this relief and claims for properties that were empty at the time of the flooding will be treated on a case-by-case basis.

The relief will remain whilst the premises are empty, up to a maximum of 12 months. The relief will end when the property becomes re-occupied.

The letter also contains details about various grants that are available to flood-affected residents.

These include a one-off payment of £500 payable to all households that flooded and grants available from the publically-funded Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund 2015. If you believe your property was flooded but you have not had a letter by early in the New Year you can find further details on the SLDC website.

It also includes information about grants of up to £5,000 that can be applied for to fund measures which improve the property’s resilience or resistance to flooding, over and above repairs that would normally be covered by insurance.

For more information about the £500 grants and Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund see:

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