Jo Stephenson

Jo Stephenson’s funeral is today. I don’t like funerals, but I guess only very few people do. 

Jo had a hard time of late and its a shame he isn’t around to carry on fighting, as I’m sure he could. Some may feel guilty at this considering his sudden departure, but I don’t think Jo will have held it against you in the end.

I remember the day I met Jo and the last day I saw him, there are few people in my life who commend the same stature in my mind. Thinking of the best moments I spent with him two instantly spring to mind: Firstly when he eloquently and quietly attacked my shadow budget earlier this year in the Council chamber(including that he thought id be UKIP by next year) and secondly when I received a letter of thanks from him for my support in May 2011(when i was standing against him!).

Despite being rivals we always had time to talk and shake hands and we never had a bad word between us. It is a shame he is no longer with us. Rest in peace.


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  1. Thanks Ben, it was good to see you there today and the service reminded me that there is another dimension outside politics.


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