Let’s get some USDM Honda parts…


I posted on Civic Life.net to see what parts people wanted from the US. As you’re probably aware there are several parts they got that we didn’t and vice versa.

I already wanted some cup holders for my 99 civic, which Honda in their wisdom decided not to give European cars. But there were a few other suggestions, all which would lead to a small mark up/finders fee from myself you understand.

I knew the cup holders would be available at a Honda dealer so I set off to the nearest one to where I’m staying.


The first one I went to didn’t have them in stock but sent me to one 30 mins away that did. These dealerships are farking HUGE! I can’t believe how there can be such massive dealerships so close to each other. That picture is one half of the building and as you can see if features a drive through service area.


There are other big differences from UK dealerships too. Their parts departments are full retail shops/”stores”. Selling loads of weird stuff not even car related or Honda branded, like women’s purses.


Both dealerships I went to had popcorn machines. POPCORN MACHINES… Which made my wait for service very pleasurable.

In the end I bought five sets of cup holders.


I’ll retail them for over £45. Maybe upto £80 depending on demand.

The other parts requested would be found at a breakers. Or as they call them “auto salvage yard”.

I got directions to an industrial area that had a street full of breakers. Miles of breakers on either side of the road.


But it turns out that these aren’t “pick a part” yards, so one can’t go in and look round to find bits. So I failed…

Tomorrow I’ll try again… Plus…. Dum dum durrrr…. I know where the local street racers meet up every Saturday evening so I’ll be there tomorrow night 😀

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