Local Councillor praised for dedicated work on Lake District Park Authority

Coniston Councillor Anne Hall has been praised for her hard work over eight years on the Lake District National Park Authority

Anne Hall

A Councillor has been labeled a “Hero for Housing” in the National Park as her time on the Authority comes to an end. Whilst Conservative Councillor Anne Hall has been praised for her hard work over many years on the Lake District National Park Authority she was not selected by SLDC to return onto the Authority at a meeting last week (18th May 2016).

Anne has been credited with securing the construction of eighty homes in key communities where new housing is vital for not only their vibrancy but to secure public services like schools, bus services and post offices.

Chairman of the Lake District National Park Mike McKinley said that Anne was someone truly committed to the National Park. He commented on her record saying “Anne has made an excellent contribution to the National Park over the eight years she has been a member. Her work on behalf of all communities has been outstanding, and especially so in relation to housing, in particular affordable housing. Energetic and knowledgeable, her contribution to the housing debate  has been recognised at the highest level, with several invitations to attend a House of Lords working party on affordable housing. It is most unfortunate, needlessly so, that she will now be unable to continue this work.”

Leader of South Lakes Conservatives Ben Berry heaped praise on Anne calling her a “Hero for Housing” saying “Anne was passionate about the National Park and the communities that live here. Her hard work has allowed families who only a few years ago couldnt dream of staying here to live and work in sustainable communities.”

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