Major Milk Campaign kicks off online

Major Milk Campaign kicks off online
A large scale campaign has been launched in Cumbria highlighting to the whole UK the plight of the Dairy Industry

Ispeak4Daisy is a visual media campaign launched in Silloth on 30th March 2015. The purpose of this commercial campaign is to raise national consumer awareness being faced by Daisy who represents the British dairy industry and the crisis that is threatening her existence and sustainability in extremely difficult economic conditions. Since the campaign was launched on social media through Facebook and Youtube, the Facebook post has reached out to 117,907 people and the video has been viewed by more than 35,000 people in less than 48 hours.

This video is a short informative television ad which is focused on Daisy, a beautiful and elegant dairy cow, who lives at Kelsick House Farm in Abbeytown in West Cumbria.

The campaign has been initiated by Rozila Kana of Workington who commented saying:
“I felt that we, the public, need to speak for Daisy who represents the Dairy industry and helps look after the British countryside. It is hoped that this commercial will empower the British public to buy dairy products from retailers that pay fair prices to British dairy farmers and also encourage the British public to buy farming products sourced on British farms. Retailers should use correct food labels that clearly reflect country of source.”

Windermere Councillor Ben Berry praised Rozila Kana for her hard work saying:
“Round here we care about our farmers and local economy, but often we aren’t quite sure what we can do to help. Rozila has done a fantastic job here so I implore you to watch the video, like the campaign on Facebook and look for products with the Red Tractor badge.”

The Youtube Video can be found here

The Facebook page can be found here

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