Make a difference this year by sacrificing one night – #bigsleep

To everyone who stumbles upon this message…

I want you to make a decision right now to make a difference to other people’s lives this year. You can do this by having fun raising money for the Winter Warmth Fund with Cumbria Community Foundation.

The Big Sleep Challenge – Saturday 15th February 2014

 In a cold winter in Cumbria 300 people die unnecessarily because of health problems related to the cold. These are people who can’t afford to buy food or heat their homes adequately. Cumbria Community Foundation’s Winter Warmth Appeal helps those people.

I want you to take on a modest but real challenge to help raise money and awareness of this important issue. This is an event that combines the challenge of facing the cold with camaraderie and fun. I’m asking you to spend the night out under the stars in the depths of winter. The Big Sleep is being held on a beautiful field overlooking Lake Windermere behind the Low Wood Bay Hotel. It’s happening on 15th February when the temperature has been as low as minus 11°C!

Please bring as many people along as you can and promote it widely. Further information is available from

If you can’t make please donate to the Appeal by visiting Please promote this fun but important fundraiser as far as possible. Your help will literally help save lives and you will know you have made a difference in 2014.

With thanks and best wishes

Yours sincerely,


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