Millerground surcharging sewer safety update

The recent heavy rain has led to an issue with a surcharging sewer and an overflowing storm tank leading to some sewage flooding at Rayrigg Meadow.

United Utilities (UU) are responsible for these matters and UU staff are investigating the exact cause. As a temporary measure and to protect the public from unnecessary risk of exposure to raw sewage the UU Network Manager has agreed a temporary diversion of the surcharging sewer into the old Combined Storm Outfall into the lake, as a preferable option to the current situation of raw sewage getting on to Rayrigg Meadow.

UU have sandbagged an overland flow route between the surcharging sewer and the nearest chamber on the surface water sewer. They have also fenced off the area around the sandbags and two chambers and are placing signs up warning of the health risk from raw sewage.

SLDC staff are being kept informed and are monitoring to make sure that public health is adequately protected.

The clear advice is to avoid the area during this period and to not allow dogs to swim in the area at this time.

All clean-up work will be carried out by UU and they are responsible for making the site safe, with adequate signage and providing fencing.

Any further enquiries from the public can be directed to UU – 0345 672 3723

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