My Green Vision (what the Gazette didn’t print)

“There are very few people who disagree with creating a “greener future”. Most often we disagree on the details; should we frack for clean burning natural gas or erect wind turbines over Killington Lake?

I believe we need to look to both our past and the future. The family business’ flag ship property, Low Wood Bay Resort Hotel and Marina, has recently applied for a 88kW hydro scheme in the same location as the hydro scheme that powered the hotel in the days before the National Grid. And if all goes to plan we will heat our new Convention Centre with new water source heat transfer technology and the Leisure Club with a biomass boiler. It makes green sense and commercial sense.

Localised green energy production with a small footprint has to be the solution for our future, but at least in the short term it must be backed up with Nuclear and Gas power otherwise we may find ourselves short on our carbon reduction commitments and left reading the Westmorland Gazette in the dark.”

Originally written for a Westmorland Gazette Green Supplement to be put next to a Lib Dem Councillors view point. Hardly controversial stuff… Maybe they just ran out of room? Never mind…

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