My Plan

My Plan for Windermere, Applethwaite and Troutbeck
Continue my hard work for our area
I have worked tirelessly for our area over the last four years. Many of you have followed my work in the local press and I am proud to have served you. I have achieved many things over this term like forcing Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats to scrap night time car parking charges and cancel plans for parking metres. But its not just what I’ve stopped, I have secured funding and worked on projects like the Millerground Enhancement project, bringing events and trade to our town, making sure grit bins are filled and standing up for users of the Lake.
Here I outline what my plan is now:
Curbside collection of Plastic and Cardboard
If it’s good enough for Kendal it is good enough for Windermere. It is entirely unfair for residents of Kendal to get curbside recycling of plastic and cardboard since 2012 whilst we still have to travel to Booths. I continue to push for curbside recycling and am delighted that we should benefit from this service in 2016.
Reduce Council tax and protect services
I have twice proposed a small cut in Council tax. These cuts come from looking through the budget of South Lakeland District Council and seeing massive waste. As an example spending £145,000 each year on “promoting the work of the Council” is lunacy and the money would be better spent in your pockets.
I will continue to fight for waste to be cut and savings passed to you.
Fair parking for residents
I don’t need to tell you about the Lib Dem parking meter fiasco. But let me remind you about:
Overnight car parking charges that Lib Dems brought in and we forced a reversal only months later
The Lib Dem car parking fees “escalator” which meant they put up prices every single year – Stopped in the face of our opposition.
I proposed locals parking discounts in 2012, they wouldn’t listen.
I want more parking in Windermere, at a fair price or free and I continue to work for that.
Fines for dog mess
South Lakeland District Council penalises responsible dog owners, like myself, with By Laws and Orders that restrict where I can go and what I do. But Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats refuse a proactive policy to fine those who are actually irresponsible and leave dog mess on our streets, paths and parks. My plan, rejected by their team, was a fair and just approach where only bad dog owners would be targeted and given a fine showing them that dog mess isn’t a walk in the park. I will continue to fight for dog mess fines and for a fair policy for families with dogs.
Work with other business owners to boost trade
The fourteen Conservatives on South Lakeland District Council employ more people than the other 37 members and almost more than the actual Council.
Business people are attracted to the Conservatives because we believe a strong economy, with more people in work taking more of their pay cheque home leads to a stronger society.
Locally I work with many businesses to ensure they get a fair deal from the Council and are doing as much trade as possible.

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