Lake District National Park – Another puzzling desicion made by monkies?

Another questionable decision by the National Park Authority. Like ninjas in the night they massacred a wonderful tree while no one was looking.

The monkey puzzle tree at Brockhole, the Lake District Visitor Centre, was loved by many and hated by none. Well that’s not entirely true, LDNPA did their own survey at Brockhole and out of 1112 people one thought the tree should be felled.

Their claim was that not letting people know the date was for health and safety, the reality is that they just wouldn’t be able to cut the tree down if there were people chained to it!

It’s not my only concern for Brockhole, the commercialisation of the site continues to aggravate the local private sector who worry about a public sector subsidised “competitor” and I still feel uneasy about a zip wire that was denied permission at Honistor on the same day as the LDNPA gave themselves permission for one at Brockhole.

Just like the ban on Lake Windermere, its another example of why the way National Parks are accountable to us needs urgent reform. Even if they became democratically accountable we may still be puzzled by their decisions… But at least then we can kick those that make those decisions out!

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  1. Spot on with the post Ben. Apart from our demo several people requested a TPO for the tree incuding Tim Farron and Jonathan Denby and Luke Steer Tree Consultant who supported David Matthews in his letter to the LDNPA opposing the felling of the tree re Cumbria Gardens Trust. All this was ignored and Jonathan is still trying to extract a explanation from the LDNPA.
    There is a lot of info on the Save the Brockhole monkey Puzzle blog re Marianne Birkby and Jonathan has some interesting posts on his Slow Life blog.
    I think the campaign now will be to Save the Brockhole Visitor Centre. We are demanding a public inquiry into the LDNPA, We have emailed Tim Farron and I have written to David Cameron and Nick Clegg.
    I will forward the email etc to you. I hope the Hotel owners and neighbours are still on board and up for a fight.
    We plan to meet up to discuss how to move forward,soon.
    Good to meet you at WTC.


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