Off roading in the Lake District


Off roading is fun. It’s legal too on tens of registered lanes that the Lake District National Park Authority has to provide under their statute of enjoyment for all. Although I’m certain that the LDNPA hate that.

In fact I know lots and lots of people hate it. Successful attempts on curbing this leisure activity has reduced the lanes that off roaders can use, including lanes in my ward.


I agree that open season off roading is unsustainable. We need a solution to make off roading sustainable in the long term. The County Council, quite rightly, focus money on real highways for repairs and the LDNPA have enough on their hands repairing erosion caused by ramblers.


But my experience is that we should have a off roading industry in the National Park. We should welcome the jobs and spending. I spent enough yesterday in the pub and local shop to prove that.

It’s not just the pub and shop that benefitted either… We broke a differential and a lower suspension mount, so the local mechanic will be happy too!


All in all, I very much enjoyed my day enjoying scenery I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to access and I look forward to working with anti and pro 4×4 parties to keep this activity open.

Special thanks to my friends David Haynes and Andrew Carter who took me out.

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