On-street parking charges to hit South Lakeland

Bowness, Windermere and Kendal to join Ambleside with on-street parking charges

County Council to confirm on-street charges plan next week

On street parking charges in Kendal, Windermere, Bowness-on-Windermere and Ambleside look to be set in stone next week at Cumbria County Council’s Cabinet.


The Labour-Lib Dem authority will place on-street charges of at least the same as off-street parking and up to 20% above that meaning it could cost £1.80 for an hour to park on the high street. Cumbria County Council Local Committees are being given control over the charges but with South Lakeland Committee in firm control of Lib Dems it is unlikely that there will be any reprieve. 


Causing particular outrage is the announcement that resident parking permits will cost £20; forcing residents to shell out even more just to park outside their home.


The new charges effect both Kendal and Ambleside which have District Council elections on the 22nd May. The Lib Dem on the ballot in Ambleside is even running a campaign against the charges, despite failing to vote against them, leading to calls of hypocrisy. 


Local Conservative Ben Berry furiously remarked on the charges saying:

“They have no idea what they are doing to our towns, our businesses or our residents with these draconian charges and to see local Lib Dems campaign against something they are in favour for stinks of bare faced hypocrisy.”


Leader of the Conservatives on the Cumbria County Council James Airey gave a stark warning saying that:

“This is just the beginning. These charges will be rolled out to our market towns up and down the County. Conservatives worked hard to give fully costed counter proposals to stop these charges; but Labour, and their lap dog Lib Dems, were too proud to accept them and now it’s our towns that will suffer.”

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