Parish plea to Clear the Drains before it Rains

Windermere Town Council has resolved to put together a concerted community effort to identify and report blocked drains to Cumbria County Council. There is increasing concern that drains are not being cleared on a regular basis and blocked drains are contributing to flooding on roads and in severe cases homes and businesses.

Windermere Town Council is hoping that Cumbria County Council will “clear the drains before it rains” as even Summer showers have created problems. Town Councillors have identified problem areas that they have reported themselves but want residents to pile on the pressure to ensure that as much action takes place as possible.

Windermere District Councillor Ben Berry welcomed the move saying “Flooding is still at the front of our minds and to have blocked drains is causing unneeded anxiety. If you spot any drains that are blocked please contact me or Cumbria Highways so we can work together to force Cumbria County Council to clear the drains before it rains.”

Residents can sign the petition to Clear the Drains before it Rains at

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