Parking plans scrapped


Parking meters and residents parking permit charges have been scrapped. Congratulations to all those who fought this.

The fallout is massive. I expect comments on the Westmorland Gazette online article to go mad and I for one think Stewart Young (the Leader of Cumbria County Council) should step down over the fiasco.

We have made representations to find out the cost of what has been spent so far which needs to be published as soon as possible. I issued the following statement upon hearing the news:

Windermere Councillor Ben Berry labeled the authority “buffoons” for how the whole process has been handled. “I don’t get unhappy very often but this whole process has made me mad. To claim they have now listened is a slap in the face of every person and business who fought this. The only reason they stopped is because it would have been fought in the courts. How much have these buffoons spent of our money on this? They were meant to be saving money not wasting it.” 

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