“Pay up or shut up”

Cumbria County Council tells residents to accept £20 resident parking permit charges or face the removal of their resident only parking scheme

Cumbria County Council is consulting on charging £20 for residents parking permits, which are presently free. But a leading Conservative has called the consultation a “shake down of residents” after consultation documents outline what will happen if residents speak out against the charges:

“If the majority of residents on a street object to the introduction of the £20 charge for a residents permit, then the council will then explore the removal of parking restrictions on that street.”

Windermere Councillor Ben Berry said the Labour and Lib Dem authority was running a racket by threatening residents that if they speak out against charges they will simply allow a free for all on their street. Ben Berry commented saying:

“Cumbria County Council are using bully boy tactics because they are scared of another outcry, like we had with their imposition of parking meters. Every resident affected by this must get involved, we need to tell the council this is unacceptable behaviour and we are only willing to pay a reasonable charge to cover the costs of the service.”

Leader of the Conservatives on Cumbria County Council James Airey echoed saying:

“It is very disappointing to see this authority aggressively and without mercy focus on squeezing all revenue it can out of car parking. A small fee for to cover the service is something many of us can live with.”

Many residents already complain that resident parking schemes are not effectively enforced and the Council has not brought forward any proposals to increase enforcement provision, despite the proposed cash windfall.

The consultation is open until the end of October.


The consultation document can be found here:


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