Pram Race Cancelled

When I set out to bring this event back I was so happy with the massive support the whole community showed me and the Lions Club. Entries were coming in, a whole host of local businesses were happy to sponsor it, St Johns Ambulance were willing to run the safety for free, I had a local mechanics shop donating tyres for our chicanes, the road closure was supported by the council, the posters were being proudly displayed everywhere… 
But then I hit a road block. Windermere Petrol station are pursuing me personally and the Lions club for £4,500 loss of earnings for the few hours the road will be closed. Whilst we have event insurance and corporate legal cover this wouldn’t cover any claim. 10% of what they want would wipe most of what we would raise on the day and drag the club through the dirt. 
It has broken my heart but the club and I have decided to cancel the pram race. 
I’m quite upset over it all. We have put so much effort in with so many people are looking forward to it and I feel like I have let everyone down, especially those building prams.
We made the decision late on Friday and I have now let the press know. 
Have a Merry Christmas and thank you for your support.

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