SLDC’s Land Allocations Process is in chaos

SLDC’s Land Allocations Process is in chaos

Leader of the Conservative opposition on South Lakeland District Council, Councillor James Airey, has labelled the Land Allocation Process being run by SLDC “a farce” and in “complete chaos”.

The remarks come after South Lakeland District Council have asked for the examination hearings to be suspended until next year saying that “Additional issues have been raised during the hearings”.

Commenting Cllr James Airey said “The inspector is quite rightly giving SLDC a rough ride over this unsound document. “Bulldozer Pete” and the rest of Tim’s Lib Dem administration failed to listen to our concerns and now the whole process in complete chaos and looking like a farce.”

The Chairman of Grange Town Council, District Councillor Tom Harvey, joined the assault on the Process claiming “SLDC simply haven’t got their facts straight going in and now they’re paying the price. This is what happens when you run rough shod over communities.”

Local Conservative Councillors had voted against the Land Allocation Document when it was taken to South Lakeland District Council and sided with community groups who wanted a referendum on the highly controversial document which placed 9000 new homes on green field sites.

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