Small Grants Speed up Conservation Work


Back in January we had the pleasure of awarding £1,000 from our Small Grants Fund to Windermere and Bowness Civic Society to use for their Millerground Enhancement Project. The aim of the project is to restore this neglected spot to an attractive area for local families and visitors too. Now that spring is sprung their team of volunteers have been back in action, and we hear that the donation was put to very good use…

With the £1,000 generously raised from donations from visitors, the group were able to purchases some much-needed battery powered saws to help in the long task of reducing the undergrowth and excess of self-seeded trees.

Armed with their new tools, the working party set out earlier this month and tackled the undergrowth and excess self-seeded trees on the National Trust slopes, under the guidance of our NT Ranger James Archer. The team were helped out by some of students from Windermere School who transported cut branches.

We hear that the saws were fantastic and really speeded up the work, especially with the saplings that had grown too wide to be cut with loppers and would previously have needed cutting with a hand saw – very hard work! 

John Saunders of Windermere and Bowness Civic Society says:

Much of the work was on very steep slopes and without these saws would have been far more difficult and dangerous – so they were really appreciated by everyone.”

In a short time they were able to make a huge improvement to quite a large area of the bank, opening it up for the future growth of wildflowers and improving the natural habitat for the wildlife. 

All in all, the day was “A great success, but much more to tackle on future occasions”, says John.

Thank you to all of the amazing local tourism businesses that operate Visitor Giving. By inviting guests to make donations we can raise vital funds for local conservation projects for all to enjoy!


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