South Lakeland District Council’s Land Allocation “farce” continues #LDF

The Leader of South Lakeland District Council has been forced to justify the Land Allocation hearing suspension in an embarrassing continuation of what has been called a “farce” by opposition Leaders.

The Liberal Democrat Leader of SLDC made the statement published on SLDC’s website after continued pressure from community groups and local politicians.

The process was claimed to be in “chaos” by Leader of the Opposition James Airey last week after SLDC asked for the hearings to be suspended. The fight even spilt over into Twitter with Council Leader Peter Thornton even indicating he would take legal action against Cllr James Airey:

Peter Thornton (@PeterThornton10) tweeted at 9:08 PM on Mon, Nov 19, 2012:
@martinlewes You may want to ask James for his evidence for his (3 so far) libels? Perhaps I should consult the lawyers of the noble Lord!

He later had to clarify to local reporters that he was not threatening legal action.

The “farce” continues.


The full statement by Councillor Thornton can be read here:—statement-by-cll.aspx

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