Street safe campaign in Ambleside

Street safe campaigns are multi agency action evenings targetting problem areas of our community.

About 15 volunteers and professionals met at Ambleside Fire station in the rec room. Although the room still has a dart board, the staff there told me that the pool table and couch was removed on Health and Safety grounds, which is barmy.


After a quick briefing we went out to an area that had had drug and antisocial behaviour complaints and warrants.

We split into small teams and surveyed a few houses each. The data collected is kept secret but it wouldn’t suprise you that from the few I talked to dog poo was mentioned as well worries about knock a door run and domestic and alcohol abuse in the area.

The information gathered is very usful for combating these activities and the agencies invovled follow them up. A full statement with data will come forward from the Police once it has been collated by the Police.

All in all a good event to improve communities. I was glad to be involved. Thank you to PCSO Laura Jackson for her hard work on this.

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