Support for Honister Zip Wire gathers pace

Support for Honister Zip Wire gathers pace 


Support for the Honister Zip Wire gathers pace as Councillor Ben Berry put forward a motion to South Lakeland District Council to formally support the application.


Even though the Mine and Visitor Attraction is outside of South Lakeland District Ben claimed it would have  “ significant social and economic impact  “ on residents and businesses in Ambleside, Windermere and even Kendal.


He made the decision to come out in support of the scheme after the applicants, Honister Slate Mine, asked the LDNPA for it to be a temporary structure for an 18 months period whilst robust independent research by The University of Cumbria is carried out on the ecological, landscape, economic and social impact of the Zip Line whilst running.


Barry Surtees, Marketing Manager at Honister commented  “ Working closely in partnership with Natural England and the LDNPA Planning Officers we have made re alignments and  improvements to the original scheme utilising some of the historical relics on the site. We have now had an amazing response in favour of the scheme, even some folk who were sitting on the fence or opposed it last time round now recognise that the temporary structure will allow accurate consumer feedback rather than making decisions based purely on emotion and assumption “

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